Law of Attraction-How to Get Your Ex Back Affirmations

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Get Your Ex Back Affirmations

If you want to know how to get your ex back, you must be willing to tolerate things that he or she doesn’t like. Here are a few techniques that may work for you. They are: Radio silence, Self-honesty, Persuasion, Reverse psychology, and Persuasion. Read on to find out how they worked for me. They work, so try them out if you want your ex back.

Radio Silence

When it comes to seduction, radio silence is an effective tool that has worked for many people. By using the power of silence to reinvent yourself, it will make you appear sexier and more confident. However, it is imperative to use radio silence sensibly if you hope to get your ex back. This article will discuss some effective ways to get your ex back. It will also include a few tips for ending radio silence.

Radio silence is a great way to get your ex back. Simply refrain from communicating with them for two to three days. By doing this, they will feel a genuine void in their life and think about you. It will make them miss you, which will lead to a rekindled interest in your relationship. In addition, it will help your ex’s psyche adjust to your absence. In order to make use of radio silence, you should keep yourself busy.

Another way to use radio silence is to try and make your ex long for you. You may feel that you can’t give in to your ex’s requests and needs, but it’s important to show your ex that you have the power to control your own feelings. Your ex will appreciate your efforts to rebuild your relationship on a solid foundation and that you’re in control. If this doesn’t work, try using radio silence to convince your ex to come back to you.

The length of radio silence will depend on how long you’ve been separated. It’s important to remember that a radio silence period can vary depending on the length of your relationship and your state of mind. However, a period of two weeks is generally a good idea. Once the period of radio silence has ended, you should then move on to limited contact. If you want your ex back, the power of silence is the most effective tool for you.


How to get your ex back using self honesty starts with your love for yourself. If you don’t love yourself, your ex will believe that you’re unworthy of him or her. Self-honesty means loving yourself as you would love to be loved. Also, you should remember that no one else really wants you. Your ex has every right to leave you. Therefore, you must stop putting your needs before his or hers.

You should also try to take some time away from your ex. After all, a relationship is meant to last for a long time. Keeping yourself busy with a job or a social life isn’t going to make your ex love you anymore. Instead, make sure you take time to reflect on your relationship and yourself. This will give your ex some space and help them to find new people to be with.

If you’re still living with your ex, you should also make sure you distance yourself from mutual friends. Only talk to them about work or kids. Make sure your conversations are as professional as possible, and end when you and your ex have reached a mutual agreement. Remember that if you’ve been avoiding your ex, you might stir up feelings of hurt and disappointment from the past. In such a situation, it’s better to be honest with yourself first before trying to make peace with your ex.


There are many ways to persuade your ex to want you again. First, remember that people react differently to what they can’t get. By showing your ex that you’re not going anywhere, you’ll evoke the desire for reconciliation. If you do this, you’ll have an advantage over your ex in their eyes. In addition to this, your ex will be more likely to reach out to you again.

Second, transform your world. You should reconnect with friends and family, and work on a seductive edge. This will create a great impression on your ex and make it easier to persuade him or her to want you back. Third, remain emotionally strong and in control. You don’t want to be too vulnerable to your insecurities and fears, which could make your ex hesitant about wanting you back.

Fourth, demonstrate your improved self. Instead of reminding your ex of how you once felt, focus on making her feel respect and attraction to you. By showing that you’ve changed, she’ll naturally want to be with you again. Remember to be yourself, don’t be too nice or needy. Also, don’t assume your ex is your soul mate. If they don’t feel these emotions towards you, it’s time to move on.

The most effective way to persuade your ex to get back together is to create a new atmosphere for your relationship. Recreate the positive experiences. Don’t be jealous of your ex’s attempts to contact you. Try to avoid revealing the idea that you’d love to see them again. This way, your ex will be begging for you again and will be more inclined to give you a chance to reconnect with them.

Reverse Psychology

One of the biggest mistakes people make when attempting reverse psychology to get their ex back is to be too obvious. Not only will this get you shut down but you will also end up making your ex push you away and ruin any chance of getting them back. You must learn how to be subtle and avoid being obvious in order to succeed in reversing psychology. Listed below are three tips to use radio silence to get your ex back.

Reverse psychology works by playing on a person’s perception of control and pride. A person who feels powerless and helpless in the situation is likely to try to find a way to regain control of the situation. This is why the most successful reverse psychology techniques work by creating a sense of control. For example, pretending to be uninterested in your ex’s company is a great way to get them back.

Reverse psychology works by making a woman feel motivated to interact with you, since she wants to avoid hooking up with anyone else. Women are intelligent enough to pick up on this and avoid getting caught in a lie. So, when using reverse psychology on your ex, be careful to never lie, or she will likely cut you off all contact. When using this technique, be sure to avoid trying to fool her, or she will realize it is all a lie and start to distrust you.

In order to be successful with reverse psychology, you have to be subtle and avoid the conscious mind. By doing so, you’ll be empowering your ex-girlfriend to realize that you were always meant to be together and that she has value in the sexual market. In addition, you’ll also have the upper hand, as your ex will likely not be able to resist you! So, be subtle and be persistent.

Power Struggle

The last thing you want is to engage in a power struggle with your ex. Power struggles often end up with resentment and ammunition that you can use to fire at the next opportunity. In addition, you might end up making your ex jealous or even initiating dates with other men. So what should you do instead? Listed below are some suggestions for dealing with a power struggle. They are proven to work! But how do you win the battle of wills and change your ex’s mind?

When two people are in love, they don’t view each other through rose-tinted glasses. Instead, their sense of logic or one-upmanship can annoy their partner. During a power struggle, the partners argue based on their personal feelings and positions in the relationship. Fortunately, the signs can be detected early. For example, if your ex always tries to be the boss or does most of the housework, that could be a sign of a power struggle.

A power struggle in a relationship is a common problem that most couples face at some point in their relationship. While it may seem ridiculous when put into perspective, power struggles are often the root of breakups and repeat cycles. By learning to handle power struggles, you can build a stronger relationship and rekindle the love and understanding you once shared. So, what can you do about a power struggle in your relationship?

The first thing you need to do is avoid arguing with your ex. You need to make sure you don’t get too heated. Don’t use abusive language or words. Also, make sure you don’t use hurtful jokes. These are classic signs of a power struggle. When your ex constantly takes the lead, you’re likely to be the one he or she feels is superior to you. If this is the case, you might need to take your relationship to the next level.

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